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Protect Your Basement From Water Damage

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Waterproofing is a crucial process in construction that involves protecting a surface or material from water damage or leakage. The process of waterproofing involves the use of specialized materials and techniques to prevent water from penetrating a surface or structure. This is especially important in areas such as roofs, foundations, basements, and bathrooms where water infiltration can cause extensive damage over time. Waterproofing can be achieved through a variety of methods, including the use of waterproofing membranes, coatings, sealants, and specialized waterproofing systems. Our state of the art system requires no excavation and no breaking out the perimeter of the floor.

Introducing Non-Invasive Waterproofing:

Hydro Armor Shield Waterproofing Compound

Watertight Cementitious Waterproofing Solution for High Water Pressure Environments (> 400 ft water head) with Crystallizing Agents

We present a highly effective and durable waterproofing solution that is capable of withstanding extreme water pressure conditions exceeding 400 ft water head. This innovative system combines the power of cementitious materials with subsequently crystallizing agents, providing exceptional waterproofing performance for both positive side and negative side applications.

Our waterproofing product, Hydro Armor Shield Waterproofing Compound, has been specifically engineered to deliver outstanding results in terms of pressure resistance and abrasion protection. It is an ideal choice for various construction projects, including new construction and restoration projects such as basement waterproofing and tank lining. One of the key advantages of Hydro Armor Shield Waterproofing Compound is its certification to NSF/ANSI 61 standards, ensuring that it meets the stringent requirements for use in contact with potable water. This certification guarantees the product's safety and suitability for applications where water quality is of utmost importance.

By employing our watertight cementitious waterproofing system, you can have complete confidence in the long-term integrity and durability of your structures. Whether it's preventing water ingress in basements or protecting tanks from leaks, Hydro Armor Shield

Waterproofing Compound provides a reliable and high-performance solution. Trust in our innovative waterproofing technology to safeguard your construction projects against water-related challenges.

Hydro Armor Shield Waterproofing Primer Solution

Hydro Armor Shield Waterproofing Primer Solution is a liquid polymer/silicate-based solution that forms a thin film when applied. It is designed to be used on substrates that contain salt or moisture, as it effectively reduces pore volume and minimizes the formation of salt efflorescence. Additionally, it enhances the chemical and mechanical bonding strength of cementitious building materials. The product can penetrate into the substrate to a depth of up to 2", depending on the specific surface.

With its strengthening and hydrophobic properties, Hydro Armor Shield Waterproofing Primer Solution is the perfect Primer Solution for use with Hydro Armor Shield Waterproofing Compound.

Types Of Damages

Cracks in the foundation walls or floors.

Hydrostatic pressure causing water infiltration through the foundation.

Poor drainage around the foundation leading to water accumulation.

Inadequate or non-existent waterproofing membrane.

Insufficient or damaged sump pump system.

Clogged weeping tile or foundation drain system.

Improperly sealed window wells or basement windows.

Inadequate ventilation causing moisture buildup.

Basement flooding due to heavy rainfall or plumbing issues.

Inadequate insulation leading to condensation and moisture buildup