Addressing Flood and Rain-Induced Water Intrusion in Northern Michigan

Addressing Flood and Rain-Induced Water Intrusion in Northern Michigan

We are proud to announce the completion of an important project addressing flood and rain-induced water intrusion at multiple residential properties in Northern Michigan. This blog post will detail the comprehensive measures we implemented to protect homes from the recurring issues caused by heavy rainfall and flooding in this region.

Project Overview

  • Location: Various residential properties in Northern Michigan
  • Objective: To implement robust solutions to prevent water damage from floods and rainwater intrusion.
  • Scope of Work: Installation of advanced drainage systems, basement waterproofing, and enhancements to exterior waterproofing measures.

Execution and Completion of Flood and Water Intrusion Prevention

Assessment and Strategy Development

  • Initial Evaluations: The project began with thorough assessments of affected properties to understand the specific challenges and areas most at risk of water intrusion.
  • Customized Prevention Plans: Based on these assessments, we developed tailored solutions for each property, focusing on critical areas like basements, foundations, and landscaping to improve water management and resistance.

Implementation of Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions

  • Drainage System Installation: We installed comprehensive drainage solutions including French drains and upgraded gutter systems to effectively manage and redirect water away from the properties.
  • Basement Waterproofing: This included the application of waterproof membranes and sealants on interior basement walls, floors, and the installation of sump pumps to actively remove any water that enters the basements.
  • Non-Envasive Waterproofing: We apply a durable cementous material that penatrates 2 inches into the wall creating a solid barrier on either the posative or negative side of the foundation wall blocking water from making its way in.
  • Exterior Waterproofing: We applied durable, weather-resistant coatings to exterior walls and foundations. Additionally, we implemented landscaping adjustments to ensure that ground water flows away from the homes.

Quality Assurance and Final Adjustments

  • System Testing: All installed systems were rigorously tested under simulated wet conditions to ensure they effectively prevent water intrusion.
  • Final Inspections: Comprehensive inspections were conducted to confirm that all work met our high standards for quality and effectiveness.

Client Walkthrough and Documentation

  • Review with Homeowners: We conducted detailed walkthroughs with each homeowner, demonstrating how the new systems work and discussing how to maintain them for optimal performance.
  • Documentation Provided: Homeowners were provided with detailed documentation of all the interventions implemented, including operational guides for any installed equipment and information on warranties.

This project not only addressed the immediate concerns of water intrusion but also provided long-term solutions to enhance the resilience of homes in Northern Michigan against future floods and heavy rains. We are committed to helping our community stay safe and dry, no matter the weather. Thank you for following the progress of this vital project.